Geco provides the Best Eco-Friendly Performing Products in the Coatings Industry. We are group of young and talented individuals with degrees ranging from biology, ecology, chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, architecture, design & art; to approach coatings in a cutting-edge perspective. An intellectual think tank that develops and formulates the most innovative green solutions for the Coatings Industry nationwide. All our products are backed up with reliable 24/7 technical support that help companies comply with changing environmental regulations, while offering true value-added service to our customers. Geco is genuinely committed to developing biologically safe products that are Ultra-Low VOC, with Superior Performance and Quality over anything in the industry for the betterment of humanity and the planet Earth. Geco strongly believes that businesses should be Stewards of Change and Good. We proudly donate to the World Land Trust Fund, to protect ecosystems that support endangered species all over the world. We are certain this is the best product in every way. You will feel proud of that in every bottle you buy or sell, while making a living and doing something noble for humans, and the environment.